Understanding the Process of Getting Concrete Repair in Naples, FL

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Concrete is one of the most common building materials used in the world due to its strength and longevity. Concrete can last over 100 years in the right conditions. However, even concrete experiences damage over time. When the concrete starts to break down, you need to repair it before it loses its integrity and aesthetic appeal. Learn more about the process of getting concrete repair in Naples, FL.

Signs that You Need Concrete Repair

The concrete on your property can undergo quite a bit of trauma over the years, such as stress of heavy equipment or changing soil conditions. Inspect the concrete structures every season for damage, especially as the concrete gets older. You may notice cracks in different parts of the concrete or large chunks broken off of different concrete features. Luckily, most damage to concrete is easy to spot. However, if you have a concrete foundation in your home, the damage may start in hard to see places.

Getting Concrete Repair

There are three types of concrete repair in Naples, FL:

– Reinforcement Enhancement

This repair is used to strengthen weakened concrete structures. Reinforcement can prolong the life expectancy of your concrete for several years or decades.

– Localized Patching

If there’s one particular part of the concrete that has damage, you can get concrete repair for that particular area. This can save you money compared to repairing the entire structure.

– Comprehensive replacement

When your concrete has too much damage to repair, you may need to take away the existing concrete and replace it.

When you need concrete repair, contact The Impact Group for a quote.


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